Changing skyline as new Kirkcaldy school starts to take shape

The new Viewforth High School Building is slowly beginning to take shape.
The new Viewforth High School Building is slowly beginning to take shape.

The new Viewforth High School is slowly beginning to take shape with work already started on the main structure.

The new building, at Windmill playing fields, will not only house the secondary school but also Rosslyn School, a public library and local council offices.

There will also be floodlit all surface playing fields for the use of everyone in the community.

The building has now entered phase 1 of the development with structural steelwork already in place.

Two cranes will be dominating the skyline for the next 14 weeks as BAM construction gets to work.

As it stands at the moment, Viewforth High School has around 400 pupils, while the new building, once its complete has the capacity to have between 600 to 1000 pupils.

Staff, pupils and the local community are excited that the school is beginning to take shape.

Councillor Neil Crooks, Kirkcaldy area committee chair said: “It’s all starting to take shape and the skyline is ever changing as the work progresses.

“It will go up quite quickly now that the frame is being put up and it’s all right on schedule, everyone is really excited to see the new school take shape.”

It’s not only those that work and attend Viewforth that are set to welcome an updated school as pupils and staff at Rosslyn are also set to get a new state of the art school.

Housed in a seprate wing of the building, it will be larger with an extra classroom, have better facilities including toilets and dining rooms and a much larger garden for the children.

“The staff at Rosslyn do a fantastic job but the school is old and needs updating,” Cllr Crooks continued.

“However, now they are set to gain a much better, 21st century school which will be of a great benefit to all the children that attend.”

Once the building is comlete, Fife Council is faced with the challenge of making the new arrangement work for everyone.

This is the first time a building will be used, not only by school pupils, but the wider community.

Cllr Crooks said: “Fife Council officers do face the challenge of making it work in the best way possible for everyone involved.

“ You will have people coming into the library for books and CDs and the council offices as well as those attending and working at both the schools.

“Fife Council has had meetings to discuss the way forward.

“We are all looking forward to this exciting time. and how this is set to be of great benefit to the Gallatown and Sinclairtown communities and beyond.”