Chapel stink sparks investigation

Residents at Chapel Level have been complaining of the pong for weeks
Residents at Chapel Level have been complaining of the pong for weeks

Complaints from local residents about a “vile stench” lingering in west Kirkcaldy have been traced to sewage cake at a local farm.

The pong at Chapel Level was so repulsive it forced local mum Sharon Taylor to take action because she feared for the health of her son.

“Myself and the majority of residents at Chapel Level have had to endure this vile smell for nearing three weeks now,” she said.

“I am fortunate enough that I work away from home, however when I do come home, myself and my son have had to go and stay with my parents as the smell is totally unbearable.”

She added: “As soon as you come off the motorway at Kirkcaldy West the smell hits you. I haven’t been able to open my windows in my house for weeks now.”

Sharon was among a number of affected residents who raised the matter with Fife Council.

The local authority confirmed it had launched an investigation and had found, - and was dealing with - the source of the problem.

Douglas Hardaker, lead officer - public and environmental protection team, said: “On December 2, we received complaints about a foul odour caused by a stockpile of material in a field at Chapel Farm in Kirkcaldy.

“The following day officers investigated and confirmed that there was a stockpile of treated sewage waste located close to residential properties in Glen Lyon Road.

He added: “The company with the contract to spread the material was contacted since the material was causing odour nuisance to nearby residents.

“We informed the company that stockpiling the material close to houses is contrary to the Code of Good Practice for the Prevention of Environmental Pollution from Agricultural Activity.”

He continued: “Following further complaints later in the week, on December 5 - last Friday - officers found that the material was being moved 
and spread onto nearby pasture.

“The odour was still present in the area on Monday 8th December but is slowly dissipating.”

Mr Hardaker concluded: “Steps are being taken to prevent this or a similar incident from recurring.”