Charette unveils visions of Cupar in the future

PAS manager Julia Frost.
PAS manager Julia Frost.

New street scapes, a cafe in the Haugh Park, a gateway to Ferguson Square - just some of the proposals put forward for the future of Cupar from the Cupar Could charettes.

Around 40 Cuparians turned up for what was dubbed the Cupar Could Summit in the Corn Exchange last week, to hear the outcome of a series of discussions with townspeople over the past few months.

And PAS, who were commissioned by the Cupar Development Trust to develop proposals to revitalise the town centre, working with townspeople, came up with a string of ideas based on their discussions.

But Julia Frost from PAS told those at the meeting: “This is just the second stage of the process. We focused on Cupar town centre and lots of ideas came out of the charette process.

We are going to continue to work with Cupar Development Trust and the community to come up with useful information and proposals to take forward.”

David Kirk is the chairman of the Cupar Development Trust and he commented: “I think Cupar Could has demonstrated that there is a lot of good will in this town to make Cupar an even better place than it is already.

“We have come along way, but we have a long way to go yet.”

Ideas that have come up involved better signposting, possibly using public art, making better use of street space and making Bonnygate and Crossgate more attractive to pedestrians, possibly crating space for outside eating areas.

Ferguson Square could have dramatic gates to indicate its entrance more clearly, and the space itself could be used more flexibly, PAS told the meeting.

The ATS site, the Inner Court area, the Haugh Park and Burnside were all targeted for change.

“The focus has been on workable things,” Ms Frost told the summit, “Things that can happen in the short to medium term over the next five years.

“The themes have been on movement, buildings and spaces, so encouraging people to come in to the town centre and making it easier to walk around.”

Now PAS will pull together all the comments received during the Cupar Could process to prove a document to help the development trust take the plans forward.

Ms Frost emphasised though: “It is up to the community to take things on board and make it happen.”