Chariots of Fire extra travelling 18,000km for beach run

Doug Hendry back in 1977.
Doug Hendry back in 1977.

A north east Fife man who took part in the iconic beach running scene along West Sands in Chariots of Fire is to travel more than 18,000km to take part in this year’s fun run.

Doug Hendry (58) who was brought up in Cupar, now lives in Tauranga in New Zealand, and will be making the long trip to St Andrews to take part in the annual Chariots of Fire beach race in June.

“My brother, who lives in Ceres, challenged me to come and take part,” Doug explained.

“I was one of the runners on the beach in the film, it’s my birthday the next day and I haven’t been in Scotland for a birthday for about 25 years, so the combination of those decided me.”

Doug, a former Fife AC member, Scottish junior high jump and 400m hurdles champion, was forced to give up running 15 years ago because of recurring injuries, and admitted he has got some work to do before the event.

Speaking about taking part in the iconic scene, he said: “I seem to remember a demand for soup and brandy or we would down tools. With athletics being amateur back then, it didn’t take much to buy us.

“I was a sub-editor working on The Courier at the time. I worked nights so I was able to go along for the day’s filming along with a bunch of other guys from Fife AC.

“I didn’t think it was a big thing and it never occurred to me to take any photographs – I’ve not got a single photograph or any other souvenir to prove I was there.

“Fortunately I do appear on film for a second or two otherwise I might not be believed.”

The Chariots of Fire Beach Race 2018 will take place on June 3.