Charity award for top volunteer Lisa

Lisa and Michelle
Lisa and Michelle
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A Leven mum has been awarded ‘Lone Parent of the Year’ after having her efforts recognised by a Fife charity.

Lisa Maley (35) was presented with the award by Fife Gingerbread, a local charity which works with lone parent families in Leven and in the wider Fife area.

She said: “I was really overwhelmed – I didn’t even know I had been nominated.

‘‘I almost started to cry!”

Lisa first got involved with Fife Gingerbread two years ago after her relationship broke down.

“The office is literally round the corner from my house and so I just walked in one day, because I didn’t know what else to do.”

Since then, she has overcome barriers to education and child care and, through sheer determination and commitment, has gained confidence and self-esteem in many aspects of her life.

Lisa, who is mum to Caydance, a pupil at Parkhill Primary School, became a Fife Gingerbread buddy volunteer, where she teamed up with other lone parents to offer help and advice.

“It was great to be able to help someone who was in the same position I had been in,” she said.

‘‘It helps you because you don’t feel like you’re alone and the only one going through it.”

And thanks to the skills and confidence she has gained at Gingerbread, Lisa has recently secured employment with the British Heart Foundation as a charity shop manager.

Michelle Campbell, volunteer development co-ordinator at Fife Gingerbread, presented Lisa with her award and said the mum of one has worked extremely hard in the last two years.

“Lisa had a lack of belief in her own abilities to progress with any such challenges.

‘‘Through the volunteering and various opportunities, Lisa has surpassed her abilities.

“Over the past two years, she has provided Fife Gingerbread with just over 600 hours of volunteering.”

Michelle said Lisa will be missed now that she has secured full-time employment.

“Lisa is a unique, committed and dedicated caring person,” she said.

“I am delighted to witness such a lovely person achieve their goals in life.

‘‘I hope and wish Lisa every success and happiness in her new venture.”