Charity launches to run new community centre

From Left, Lisa Love, Thomas Douglas, David Torrance, and Charlene Rosocki.
From Left, Lisa Love, Thomas Douglas, David Torrance, and Charlene Rosocki.

A new charity has been launched in Kirkcaldy which aims to reach out and help bring a community together.

The Merry Poppins Community Centre on Pentland Place, is looking to provide services for people in the area, young and old.

Plans include an elderly lunch club, kids’ gymnastics, and movie nights, and an open day is being held on Friday (tomorrow).

The driving force behind the new venture is Charlene Rosocki. She says there are plans for shared skills days, where the older members of the community can work with younger people.

“We just want to get everyone together and make them part of the centre,” she said.

“I want to get people of all ages interacting, and have inter-generational groups.

“Maybe if we have an ex-gardener, they can show the younger folk some skills, or a nursewho could be our first aider.

“We could also help teach the older folk about online things, like shopping, and basically how to live this hard fast-paced life.”

Chef Thomas Douglas will be helping people to learn about cooking healthy meals.

He said: “It’s not really one group specifically, we’re going across the board to help everybody.

“Community spirit is what we want to build, and we just don’t see enough of it right now.”

There will also be the chance to learn about wellness from healer Lisa Love.

David Torrance, MSP for Kirkcaldy, visited the centre this week.

He said: “I think a wide range of activities on offer will enrich the community spirit on which they’re hoping to build.

“I wish them all best and every success for the future, and I would encourage everyone to pop along for the open day.”