Cheryl’s dream came true with help from a coo

Cheryl Morrice
Cheryl Morrice

A woman who turned down a place at art school as a Kirkcaldy teenager has made her dreams come true by using a coo!

Cheryl Morrice (33) has just published her debut children’s novel ‘The wee coo who flew’ – an inspirational story about a Highland cow who won’t take no for an answer.

Nor did the former Kirkcaldy High School pupil who, despite carving out a ‘sensible’ career as a nurse in Edinburgh, never gave up on her aspiration to become an artist.

She said: “I have always worked as a nurse and painted on the side. However, my true burning desire has been to paint and write full-time.

“I’m now pursuing that transition to making my lifelong dream a reality, and I want youngsters to realise they too can achieve absolutely anything they want to.”

“All it takes is sheer determination, grit and the ability to block out the negativity they’ll naturally encounter from others.”

The book, which was both penned and illustrated by Cheryl, tells the tale of a cow who won’t give up on his dreams.

Written in rhyme, the book also features well-known Edinburgh landscapes.

She added: “This book is very much an extension of the philosophy I apply to my painting – local stories, simple messages yet packed full of inspiration.

“Local kids will be able to identify with many of the places in the book and, if they ever pass a Highland cow in the area, they may just be staring at our hero himself!”

Cheryl has also recently moved back to Fife to pursue her dreams of becoming a full time artist/author.

She said: “Driving from Edinburgh to the bridge, the moment you hit Fife, the whole atmosphere changes. It’s calmer, less hectic. I love being back.”