Children’s charity announces it is to close

Attention Fife was based in Merchant's House, Kirkcaldy
Attention Fife was based in Merchant's House, Kirkcaldy
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A FIFE charity which supports children with attention, behavioural and learning difficulties is closing next month.

Attention Fife, based in Merchant’s House in Law’s Close, Kirkcaldy, has issued a statement on Facebook announcing the closure at the end of September.

The charity, formed in the mid 1990s, provides help and information to families struggling with the challenges of attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity disorders.

It encourages self-help while raising awareness and sharing experiences of positive options allowing parents to make informed choices about how to treat their children.

In the statement the charity blamed a lack of funds on the closure.

It said: “Attention Fife will close the office at the end of September because we have no money with which to continue paying rent.

“The website will continue until May and our volunteer telephone advice will still be available.

“Meanwhile we are emptying the office. We are sad to close the doors ... for those parents and children who need homeopathic assistance for rebalancing birth trauma effects and other emotional issues, we will still be able to direct you to a splendid practitioner and the mineral supplement details will be on our website.”

It added: “Thanks to all who encouraged our work and to all who give their children great attention, a balanced diet, plenty exercise and lots of cuddles.”