Chin up for Decembeard!

decembeard - rally round rovers fundraiser. generic image for logo
decembeard - rally round rovers fundraiser. generic image for logo

MOVEMBER is over - but don’t even think about shaving off that ‘tache!

Because here comes ‘Decembeard!’

It’s the latest fundraising initiative as part of Rally Round Rovers - and our challenge to Press readers is ditch your razors and grow a beard to help save your football team!

Decembeard is being launched by Andy Campbell, secretary of Raith’s 200 Club - and he aims to top the £2000 it netted this time last year.

The fundraiser will also help to generate funds for our Maggie’s Centre.

Andy hopes as many people as possible will participate, giving a cash boost to the cash-strapped club and the Kirkcaldy Maggie’s which plays such a vital role in the lives of those affected by cancer.

He said: “Just a few of us did it last year and managed to raise £2000 which was great.

“If a few more take part then I think we could better that and get to a really good figure which we will split equally between both causes.”

Taking part is simple.

Start December clean-shaven ... and then let your beard grow for the rest of the month.

And if you send a pic of your beard’s progress we’ll run it in the Press to show your sponsors how well you are doing!

Joining in is easy;

Simply register with Andy at

Download a sponsorship form at

And then sit back and let your beard grow!

John Mainland who is a member of the trust board has pledged to chuck away his razor for the month.

He said: “It’s another way to help the rally Round Rovers campaign, and also Maggie’s which is a great cause,” he said.

“Any way in which anyone can help to raise some cash will be of enormous benefit to the community in the town.

“I’m new to this. I’ve never gone unshaven beyond five or six days before so I’m very fearful of what the final result will be.

“Hopefully I don’t scare too many people, my wife included!”