Chris Ramsey: Life, luck and laughter

Comedian Chris Ramsey comes to the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy
Comedian Chris Ramsey comes to the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy
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CHRIS Ramsey: Feeling Lucky

Adam Smith Theatre,



HE may not have been able to pronounce Kirkcaldy - ‘‘the ‘L’ is silent?!’’ - but there was no doubt Chris Ramsey had an absolute blast in town.

His 2012 Edinburgh Festival hit show, now touring right through 2013, is comedy at its very, very best.

Regular appearances on ‘Celebrity Juice’ andslots on shows such as ‘Buzzcocks’ and ‘Mock The Week’ brought a full house to the theatre.

‘Feeling Lucky’ looks at the random acts which dictate and shape our lives, and Ramsey’s show was simply superb. The writing was sharp, the structure perfect and the delivery just flawless - and at over an hour and 40 minutes this was a long set.

Ramsey’s stories, anecdotes from his South Shields childhood and observations on life were wrapped round various chats with the audience, and, and all delivered with great warmth and enthusiasm.

He picked up on every cough and comment from the audience and made it all part of the show.

His final routine was fabulous in detail and pulled together every single strand of ‘Feeling Lucky’ - and he even pulled it off while expertly managing an irritating front row punter who thought he was as funny as the man on stage.

‘Feeling Lucky’ was by far the best stand-up comedy show I’ve seen this year - and that sets the bar high for the rest of 2013.

Credit must also go to Carl Hutchison for a fabulous support set.

Smart, sharp and witty, he is back north of the border for the Edinburgh Festival. Well worth a wee trip across the Forth.

Allan Crow