Church opens doors to remember murdered Liam Fee

Liam Fee, murdered by his mother and her partner
Liam Fee, murdered by his mother and her partner

A church in Fife is to open its doors to offer people a chance to reflect and remember murder victim Liam Fee.

The two-year old was killed by his mother and her civil partner - and today Rachael Trelfa or Fee (31) and Nyomi Fee (29) were jailed at the High Court in Livingston for a total of 47 years.

Tributes to Liam Fee tied to the chuch railings

Tributes to Liam Fee tied to the chuch railings

Rachel was handed a minimum sentences of 23 and a half-years for killing her son, while Nyomi was told she’d serve at least 24 years.

The youngster died after a catalogue of abuse and ill treatment at a house near Glenrothes in March 2014.

Now, Thornton Church is being opened this evening (Wednesday) between 5.00 and 7.00 pm for local people seeking a quiet space to reflect.

Ribbons and tributes to Liam tied to the railings outside church will also remain in place for the next few weeks.

Rachael Fee and her civil partner Nyomi Fee (right),

Rachael Fee and her civil partner Nyomi Fee (right),

Rev Carolann Erskine hopes the sentences will provide some sense of closure to those seeking justice for Liam.

She spoke of the “angry bitterness” and “relentless ache” the death of toddler Liam Fee has left within the local community.

She said: ‘‘The suffering and premature death of this young child, so vulnerable and defenceless, has left many people with an angry bitterness and a relentless ache.

‘‘As we grieve with hope through awful circumstances, our heartfelt thoughts and prayers remain with family and friends, with professionals involved in the case, with all those involved in the trial itself and with people in the community.’’

Rev Erksine has also written a short poem, in response to the community’s sense of grief at the circumstances of Liam’s death which unfolded in their midst.

Beneath the Lilac Tree

No, it wasn’t a dream

Unbelievable. Painful memories

‘We will never forget this…’

‘How will we find peace here now?’

‘And then one day a stranger came and stood beside us’.

Gentle listening was offered

‘But it’s hard to talk…’

Gentle listening persisted

And the journey began

‘You see, it’s the ‘If Onlys’ that bother us’,

If only I had…

If only we could have…

If only this had never happened…

‘But it did happen, and this awful thing cannot be undone’

Be Still

for to grieve in hope means…

and in time to come…

this relentless ache…

Gentle listening was offered

Gentle listening remains.

As we wander through this season of grief, shall we walk this road together for life’s journey is too much for us on our own.