Church thief arrested as policeman gives chase

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A policeman spotted a man suspected of stealing from a church, gave chase and arrested the 28 year-old.

The man who stole a handbag and ‘Fairtrade’ jewellery items from the church during a service on Sunday, 12 February, was arrested within minutes.

PC Craig Menzies was driving in nearby St Clair Street when he saw the man running from the church and carrying the handbag. He stopped and arrested him, and the man has now pled guilty at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court to the theft.

Stephen Ramsay, 28, of no fixed abode, was to be sentenced at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court on 24 February.

PC Menzies said: “This was a despicable theft which took place while the congregation were in the middle of holding their service. This man was welcomed in to the church and he repaid the hospitality of the congregation by stealing from them and running away. Fortunately I was driving nearby and saw him running and carrying a handbag, so stopped and arrested him.”