Churches targeted by thieves

0311031 SSFF stock pathhead baptist 'stock photo Kirkcaldy - Baptist Church, Pathhead, Kirkcaldy
0311031 SSFF stock pathhead baptist 'stock photo Kirkcaldy - Baptist Church, Pathhead, Kirkcaldy

POLICE are appealing for information after would be thieves attempted to break into two Kirkcaldy churches.

The first incident happened at Pathhead Parish Church, in the town’s Church Street, sometime between 1 p.m on June 26 and 8 a.m on June 27 when someone tried to gain entry to the church office by damaging a safety wired glass window.

The second break-in took place at West End Congregational Church, High Street, overnight on June 28.

In this case, access was gained by smashing a window and kicking in the vestry door. Once again nothing was taken.

Robert Terras, secretary of West End Congregational Church, told the Press this isn’t the first time the church has been targeted.

He said: “It seems to happen every four or five years. It’s not common though.

‘‘They gained entry into the vestry thinking there were valuables there but there is nothing of value in a church.

“It is annoying because once again this eats up church funds as we have to get the damage repaired.”

A spokesman for Pathhead Parish Church said offenders damaged a window on the fire exit door. It has now been repaired.


Sergeant Mark Anderson said: “It is quite alarming that within one week there have been two attempted break-ins at churches in Kirkcaldy.

‘‘There was no property stolen in either case and there is no cash held in churches.

“We would appreciate the help of members of the public who could give us information about these two incidents.”

A number of churches in Kirkcaldy have been targeted by thieves in recent weeks.

Last month Dysart Parish Church was left with a repair bill running into thousands of pounds after thieves stole lead from the roof.

Metal thieves also stole lead flashing from the roof of Bennochy Parish Church in Meldrum Road last month.

Anyone with information should contact police on 0845 600 5702.