Cinema campaign: Kirkcaldy is best place to invest

If a cinema operator is looking to invest in a town, they won’t find anywhere more receptive than Kirkcaldy.

That’s the message from Councillor Alistair Cameron as he backs the newly launched Fife Free Press campaign.

Alistair Cameron (Pic: Paul Cranston)

Alistair Cameron (Pic: Paul Cranston)

The demolition of the former swimming pool, together with a planning application from LaSalle Investments, paves the way for a cinema in the heart of the town centre – but we need an operator to make it happen.

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The Press has written to all local councillors asking for their statements of support as part of our newly launched campaign.

Councillor Cameron (Lab) who represents Kirkcaldy Central said: “I and many others believe this campaign is vital in reigniting the overall economy not only just in the High Street but in Kirkcaldy in general.

Fife Free Press cinema campaign

Fife Free Press cinema campaign

“Cinema operators I am sure will be asked on a regular basis to consider various sites not only in Scotland but the UK. Therefore it is essential that the voice and desire of the people

“Of Kirkcaldy and the surrounding areas are at the forefront of any decision regarding new sites for any Cinema complex development.

“Kirkcaldy’s history down the years is steep in venues from Dysart to the Links and more, we simple are a Cinema Town.

“However, history alone is not enough to convince any possible Operator to invest in our Town. We need the support of everyone who believes in the Cinema campaign to sign up now, and I am sure we can reach our goal of least 10,000 signatures in a short space of time.

“My message to any Cinema Operator looking to invest in any new Complex, is that you will not find a better place than Kirkcaldy at this present time. People in Kirkcaldy have a great desire for this exciting opportunity to happen, and more importantly from the Operators point of view, will fully support it.


The link to our online petition is HERE Cinema Petition