Citizen accolade for Helen ... and Co

Heln Frew (front) with fellow committee members. Pic: Steve Brown
Heln Frew (front) with fellow committee members. Pic: Steve Brown

A resident with over three decades worth of fundraising for the elderly in Leslie has been announced as this year’s Citizen of the Year.

The annual award made by Leslie Community Council, which is now in its third year, has been given to a female for the first time.

The recipient - Helen Frew - is the chairman of Leslie Old Folks Committee and has been raising funds to enable pensioners in the town to have a summer outing and Christmas dinner for over 30 years.

Mrs Frew told the Gazette she was surprised to have been chose for the accolade and insisted the award was a tribute to the hard work of all committee members, past and present.

“I’ve never done any of it to be recognised, you just do it to make the community a little better and that’s a collective effort, not just me,” she explained.

“I’ve been nominated before but I’ve always felt there are many more worthy candidates than myself.

“It’s a nice gesture but I’ve said all along that this award is for all of those involved, this isn’t for me as such.”

As well as raise the necessary funding for the outings and Christmas lunch, Mrs Frew and her committee organise popular coffee mornings in the town to ensure the town’s elderly have a range of social events.

Jan Wincott, chairman of Leslie Community Council said the award was because of the recipient’s “tireless efforts” for the community over many years.

She added: “It is obvious that Helen has a real commitment to the community and has earned a great deal of respect for her efforts.

“We all want to thank Helen and her team for all of the hard work they put into helping others in the town, and hope that this presentation is some measure of our gratitude.”

Leslie pensioner Campbell Morris, himself a former winner of the Citizen award back in 2012, said it was “fitting” that the work Mrs Frew and her colleagues had been recognised.

The public are invited to attend the presentation to be made by Depute Provost Kay Morrison outside Leslie Library at 2.30 p.m. on Monday, December 1 where Mrs Frew will be given the honour of switching on the Chritmas tree lights. Pupils from Leslie Primary School will also sing a selection of carols.