Citizen strikes a note for young songwriter

A young singer-songwriter from St Andrews is taking full advantage of an opportunity to record some of his songs and get professional advice on how to promote his work.

Eighteen-year-old John Dunleavy has been taking part in the Fife Demo project that has been funded by Cashback for Communities and delivered by Creative Scotland.

The project has given ten young Fife acts the opportunity to record a four track EP for free in Glenrothes studio S9fifty.

On top of that they also get help promoting the release and will receive invaluable advice at an upcoming seminar at Adam Smith College.

And John revealed that he found out about scheme through the St Andrews Citizen.

“I’m absolutely loving it, it has been fantastic,” he said.

“It’s a really good experience.

‘‘My dad saw the story about the demo project in the Citizenso I sent a link to my youtube page and they got back to me pretty quickly.

‘‘I have been to a studio before but that was in a band so it’s a bit different on my own - quite scary really.”

John is delighted to have been chosen as one of the 10 local acts to take part.

He added: “I have learned so much. I’ve been picking up bits and pieces from the recording process. I just observed it all.

“Doing this is something I would like to do ideally for a living, but I’ve just got to see how it goes.

“It’s really hard to get your name out there.

“At least the bands will get a chance to meet each other through all of this, which is good as it is all about who you know.”

Speaking to the Citizen while mixing the EP, John is delighted with how it is sounding: “I’m very happy with it.

“My dad was sitting in on my session yesterday and he was listening to it. Unfortunately, one of the songs he heard was quite a deep and dark song - it was funny to see his face!

“Its all based around the music as I’m not really a singer. It’s more about playing for me.

“My sister and my dad play too, so I could get a wee family band together I guess!”