Classic rock played loud & proud

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REVIEW: Hats Off To Led Zeppelin, Rothes Halls

The clue is in the title - a band that doffs its cap in homage to one of the world’s greatest rock bands.

They bring more than a few touches of the band’s characters to the stage with costumes straight out of the 70s, and one authentic dodgy looking ’tache, but the core of the show is the music of Led Zeppelin.

In that respect, they nail it quite superbly.

It’s loud and it rocks, kicking off with a heads down sequence starting with the evergreen ‘Rock & Roll’ and firing through Zep’s classics which soon had the good women of Glenrothes up dancing. I suspect Robert Plant himself would have been impressed!

All the big songs were there - ‘Kashmir’ a thundering ‘Song Remains The Same,’ a powerhouse ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and of course ‘Stairway’ and all delivered with greast gusto.

‘Hats’ are all good musicians in their own right - frontman Peter Eldridge does more than justice to the vocals of Plant, while Jack Tanner as Jimmy Page is a superb guitarist.

Collectively they are a cut about most tribute acts and the show they deliver will appeal to Zep fans as well as anyone who enjoys some true classic rock played live and loud.

And if you judge a gig by how much your ears ring afterwards - and as an old rocker at heart, I do - then this was simply first-rate.