CLEAR our roads of your rubbish, please

Some of the  signs left in Buckhaven.
Some of the signs left in Buckhaven.

A LEVENMOUTH community group has called for contractors to be fined for leaving equipment no longer in use lying strewn across its town.

Community-Led Environmental Action for Regeneration (CLEAR) made the plea after becoming fed up of seeing its hard efforts to improve the look of Buckhaven spoiled by contractors not taking away items, such as road signs and sandbags, after carrying out work.

Allen Armstrong, CLEAR’s secretary, told the Mail he understood some may see it as trivial issue but added several people had commented on how “littered” the main streets have become with the items left long after work has finished.

He said: “In Buckhaven, there are currently around 12 abandoned signs and sandbags in as many locations along College Street.

“Clearly the council, the utilities or the private contractors responsible don’t give much thought to clearing up after themselves.

“The effect is an untidy and inconvenient continuing `work in progress’, often many months after completion.”

CLEAR is a voluntary community association established by residents interested in improving their surroundings and the quality of the local environment.

It regularly carries out projects to improve the area, such as organising litter picking and tree and bulb planting sessions, and has also created a community growing space allotment.

The Mail’s pictures show just some of the locations causing frustration. There were unrequired signs left lying outside the Fife Council office, Stark’s the butcher, the Parish Church and the Free Gardeners Hall on College Street.

As well as littering up streets, Mr Armstrong questioned how much money is being wasted on new signs being bought when there are perfectly good ones lying unused at the sides of roads.

He continued: “There must be cost implications, since they will need to buy new signs rather than re-use old.

“Perhaps the worst offenders can be fined as litter louts.”

A spokesperson for Fife Council said the local authority was putting a plan into place to resolve the problem.

Dave Paterson, area services manager for Levenmouth said: “We are aware of the signs on College Street and I have requested that colleagues arrange uplift of any that may relate to recent work carried out by transportation services.

“We will also look into the feasibility of speeding up contractor uplifts – often it appears to be separate teams that erect signage or barriers and carry out the work, which goes some way towards explaining the delay.”