Clerk stole £3000 from care home residents

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A CLERK who stole over £3000 from a dozen residents at the council owned care home where she worked has dodged jail.

Karen Dryburgh stole cash from the residents’ social fund at Ladywalk Care Home in Anstruther.

The money was found to be missing during an inspection of the Fife Council-run home by the local authority’s audit service.

Inconsistencies were found in the cash ledger from the residents’ social fund and from money belonging to 12 residents being held by the home for safe keeping.

A total of £3017.59 was found to remain unaccounted for.

Fife Council said residents and their families had been notified and arrangements were being made to reimburse people in full.

Dryburgh (52) of Scoonie Road, Leven, pleaded guilty to a charge of embezzlement on summary complaint.

Defence solicitor Ross Donnelly said: “The explanation as to why she committed the offence appear not to be motivated by greed.

“It seems to be day to day living expenses as opposed to the purchase of luxury items or anything like that.

“She is conscious of the affect this offence has had.”

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael imposed a two month restriction of liberty order confining Dryburgh to her home address on an electronic tag from 7pm til 7am for two months.

He also imposed a community payback order with 160 hours unpaid work.

The sheriff added: “This is a serious offence and you are well aware of that.

“It is a serious matter that falls into the realms of a custodial sentence and I have to think about alternatives to that.

“In this case I think there are alternatives.”