Climate activists take part in St Andrews ‘die in’

People doing the die in in Church Square.People doing the die in in Church Square.
People doing the die in in Church Square.
Dozens of university students and St Andrews residents held a ‘die in’ and silent protest on Saturday to highlight the climate emergency.

Extinction Rebellion St Andrews held the event in Church Square, with the aim of raising awareness of the ‘criminal inaction of leaders and governments to act on climate change’. The rebellion has three demands – to tell the truth about the climate situation, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025, and to create a citizens assembly for climate and ecological justice.

Léa Weimann, a member of the rebellion, said: “Locally there is also still a lot that needs to be done to push for climate action.

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“For example, as students it is disappointing to see that the University of St Andrews is not taking a stronger public stance on the issue. Even though it is supportive of sustainability measures, it is not prepared to publicly declare a climate emergency when thousands of other institutions have already done so. Why is that?

“Now we still have choices to create change and we cannot take those for granted. More actions of Extinction Rebellion and other climate activist groups are already in the pipeline and we will keep building pressure to demand for climate action.

“We have so little time left, because so little was done in the past. Enough is enough. We have a right to a future. Climate change is not going to wait another 10, 20, 50 or 100 years. It is happening right now, and we believe that inaction is criminal.”