Climate change champions at Charlie’s Plot

Charlie's Plot group. Pic by George McLuskie
Charlie's Plot group. Pic by George McLuskie

A group of youngsters from Methilhill Community Children’s Initiative (MCCI) has been successful in securing over £30,000 worth of funding to keep its well-loved garden project going in 2015.

Charlie’s Plot is a separate initiative run by MCCI for youngsters aged 11-18 and had a fantastic kick-start in 2014, thanks to funding from the Climate Challenge Fund.

And now the group is hoping it can expand the project even more, thanks to more funding from the Climate Challenge worth £32,611.

Shirley Faichney, who helped to set up MCCI, couldn’t be happier for the youngsters.

“This group of young people has amazed us over the last 15 months,” she said.

“ They had an idea and have transferred that into a reality. Through this year’s Climate Challenge Fund funding, they have transformed their growing space within the Methilhill Community Learning Garden into an inspirational place to learn about planting and growing produce and of how growing your own produce can help the effects of climate change.

“They have encouraged the community to participate in the green shoots challenge, which involves planting and growing at home.”

She continued: “This year, their £32,611 will be used to develop workshops with schools and nurseries, to educate the community on climate change issues and to continue to grow the green shoots challenge.

“MCCI is extremely proud of their achievements, especially given their average age when they formed their group was just 12 years! It’s such an important project and the news that they can continue their great work for another year is fantastic.”

The group is always looking for new members aged 11-18 years and meets at the Methilhill Learning Garden on Monday evenings, 6.00 p.m. to8.00 p.m. and Saturday mornings, 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. Sessions are free. For more information about the group, email

The success of MCCI in the area has gathered the support of many local politicians, who have all praised the volunteers and the young people for their hard work in securing several grants and other funding bids.

Just last month, the group was also successful in securing Big Lottery funding to help make the community learning garden more accessible for disabled people.

Commenting on this recent funding news, local MP Lindsay Roy said: “This is a very worthwhile initiative and I am delighted that it has attracted such significant funding.

“I am sure the money will be put to the best possible use and will bring many benefits to people in the local area.”

Councillor David Graham, deputy chairman of the Levenmouth area committee, added: “MCCI is a fantastic group and Shirley and the team do an excellent job in our community.

“This funding shall give the group massive support and help the members go from strength to strength to continue their work in our community.”

To find out more about the Climate Change Challenge Fund, please go to