Cllr: ‘don’t worry about night noises’

Cllr Ross Vettraino
Cllr Ross Vettraino
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A GLENROTHES man has been speaking about the disruption caused by the recent late-night noises at Tullis Russell, reports KEVIN QUINN.

These noises have disturbed the sleep of local residents, although one councillor has told them not to worry about it.

Tullis Russell mill, Markinch near Glenrothes

Tullis Russell mill, Markinch near Glenrothes

Local resident Keneth Dorien told the Gazette about his experience of the recent noise at the paper-makers.

He said: “I live at Beachwood, a few hundred yards away from it. My mother lives about three miles away and she was worrying about it.

“I recorded it and it’s very loud. As soon as you open the back door you could not hear anything else. It sounded like an aircraft engine.

“It always seems to happen in the night-time or early in the morning. It wouldn’t be so bad during the day.

“I called them and they said they have to do it.

“I have lived here for four years. It happens two or three times a year. But this has been a lot in a short period.

“On the Saturday night when it was really bad recently, it went on for close to an hour. The following Wednesday morning it was 20 minutes. Enough to break up your sleep. It’s just the wrong time for that sort of noise.”

Cllr Ross Vettraino, vice-chair of the environment, enterprise and transportation committee doesn’t believe the problem needs addressed by the council.

He said: “I wouldn’t say this is noise pollution. Noise pollution is something avoidable and constant and this is not avoidable and constant.

“It is part and parcel of the plant. They need to have these measures to prevent anything un-towards happening there.

“I really don’t think it comes in our remit.

“I can understand why people are concerned, but they should be re-assured by the statements made by Tullis Russell. This prevents a situation happening and they should take comfort in that.

“Tullis Russell is a good neighbour. I am sure people are upset but they have nothing to worry about.

“It’s akin to having a safety valve in a domestic heating system, it’s just on a bigger scale.”

Malcolm Sinclair from Tullis Russell re-assured locals that their planned bio-mass plant should mean an end to any noise issues.

He said: “We wrote to everybody that got in touch. We have also given more information to police so they can have more knowledge of what we are doing for the future. Some people are annoyed by the noise and others are worried about where it’s coming from so we wanted to allay these fears.

“This situation should never happen again once we get the bio-mass plant up and running late next year. It will have state of the art equipment to make sure the noise is controlled.

“We are doing everything we can to make sure it doesn’t happen. We have no control over what time of day it happens. I have been here for 25 years and I don’t recall it happening twice at night in the space of two weeks.

“We are happy to speak to any member of the public about it to explain the situation because the last thing we want is those in the community to be worried or annoyed.”