Clock set to tick once more for Leslie folk

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Residents in Leslie could soon be given back the time they have been missing after funding issues delaying repairs to the famous clock tower at St Mary’s Church, now having been agreed.

Leslie had been dubbed the ‘town that time forgot’ after the famous church clock, which for over 120 years had been one of the town’s most instantly recognisable landmarks, had stopped working in February last year.

And with confusion and wrangling over who was responsible for the damage, which was caused by a severe storm, townsfolk were left wondering if the clock would ever be seen working again.

It was finally agreed late last year that Fife Council were indeed responsible for the maintenance and repair to the clock, but were not liable for the cost of improving access to the clock mechanism which is the responsibility of the church.

With all funding now agreed, work is expected to start in the coming weeks once a suitable contractor has been found.

“This is a significant step towards completing long out-standing repairs to the clock as well as ensuring access which is up to current standards,” Councillor Fiona Grant told the Gazette

“I am grateful to those council officers who have sorted out the financial side of the matter and look forward to the clock working again soon.

“The improved access should also speed up any repairs needed in the future.”