Clock tower repair could be put back until next year

Dismantling the clock tower
Dismantling the clock tower

IT COULD be another year before Burntisland has its historic clock tower back in place if funding cannot be secured before then.

Fife Council is still looking for the funding to reinstate the B-listed landmark which was located at the Burgh Chambers.

It was dismantled by construction workers last autumn after cracks started to appear in the stonework.

Councillor George Kay said: “We have asked that at the next ward meeting in June members be given up to date figures regarding financing this project so that we can ensure we hold the administration to the promise made that it would find the finance to complete the restoration.

“I certainly hope money can be found to let the work be completed this year.”

Alex MacDonald, chairman of Burntisland Community Council, said: “We’d all be delighted if Fife Council was able to come up with enough money to complete the repair this year, however, there is also a weather dependency, which means the stone can only be sourced and work carried out at a certain time of year.

“The work is highly specialised, so it’s also a question of when the selected contractor can schedule it.”

Ross Tulloch, Fife Council lead professional, said: “We are looking at various options for funding and until this is secured we can’t set firm dates.

“We are committed to rebuilding the clock tower and have already provided funding to help purchase building materials including stone work.”