Clocked! Ghosts caught on camera at Pittenweem

There’s been ghostly goings-on in Pittenweem this winter... and now there’s even a video to prove it.

Ghost hunters Gordon Whitton, James Heeps and Pat Preston, working under the title ‘Team Spirit’, captured the footage while spending a night at the Pittenweem Clock Tower, used as a witch trials prison and interrogration centre between 1593-1705.

Is this the picture of a ghostly figure in grounds of Pittenweem tower?

Is this the picture of a ghostly figure in grounds of Pittenweem tower?

Although no scary images appear on the screen, a spooky voice is heard quite clearly around three minutes in. Soon after the footage was captured, the tour had to be cut short as one of the members began feeling very ill.

Listen very carefully at around 3.18 of the video...

It’s not the only strange thing that’s been happening in the fishing village recently.

Leonard Low, local author and historian, has been runing historical tours of the tower building since 2005, following the publication of his book ‘The Weem Witch’.

The tourists even had a photograph of the man inside the tower - with sideburns and no visible legs...

Leonard Low

Since starting the tours, Len has encountered a number of ghostly anomalies, including the appearance of an old man with prominent sideburns on more than one occasion.

Len recalls the first time it occured: “My tours got popular, I came from London once a month to do them, and then six months on a party of French Canadians saw a man in the tower. A man who was not invited!”

The tourists even had a photograph of the man inside the tower - with sideburns and no visible legs...

Now, 10 years on, Len believes the tower to be more ‘alive’ with activity than ever.

Clock Tower, Pittenweem

Clock Tower, Pittenweem

On his first tour of the year back in February, Len’s lecture was interrupted by voices which broke out from the floor above them.

It was that same evening that Team Spirit visited the tower.

Len explained: “At 12.20 a.m. a distinctive frosty coldness enveloped the first floor room, affecting physically two of the team filming - they distinctively complain (on video) of the rapid temperature drop.

“The next day, Team Spirit contacted me rather excited that a voice had come over on their filming on the first floor.

“It is rather impressive…as one member becomes ill with the relentless freezing temperature drop, a gruff slurring man’s voice breaks over the two investigators talking.”

Len believes the voice to be saying ‘Schecks come bring em’ - old Scottish for shackles, and rather fitting given that the room it was captured in was a torture room for at least a hundred years - there’s even a prop set of iron manacles hanging on the wall.

Len added: “It seems the group has caught the voice of the jailer in the tower - could it be the man with side burns who the French Canadians caught on camera?”

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Friday 13th - a fitting date for a spooky sighting in Pittenweem

Just a month after the video footage was captured, Len was finishing up a tour with his tale of the French Canadian tourists who spotted the sideburned man - but on this occasion one of the group fled the scene, visibly upset.

Contacting Len the next day, Gill Buist claimed to have seen the man standing right next to Len as he welcomed the group to the site - she had thought he was helping with the tour...

Later, on Friday, March 13, a friend of Len’s, Greig Stewart, was left startled after a man who he had thought was Len standing next to him simply disappeared.

lways armed with his camera, Len was able to capture the pictures above, which he believes show a large man looming over the group, possibly even shouting.