Closure of St Andrews footpath is a step too far

The sign at Lade Braes, St Andrews.
The sign at Lade Braes, St Andrews.

Consternation over warning signs at Lade Braes, St Andrews, has reared its head again.

As our picture shows, someone decided to express their views more directly with a claim it would have cost less to repair the path than instal the signs.

A reader, who asked not to be named but who contacted the Citizen, accused Fife Council of over-reacting over health and safety.

He said the Council had closed the pier for several years after a complaint about the uneven surface and shut off Castle Beach when some stones fell off the cliff near the castle.

“Now tree roots have disturbed the surface of a few yards of the Lade Braes walk,” he commented. “The response has been to protect us walkers by concreting in a couple of enormous warning signs and closing the footpath.”

However, the Council says neither claim is correct.

Iain Barbour, team manager, parks, streets and open spaces - north east Fife area, said: “We are looking at the cost to replace the path, if possible, but this may not be an option due to large tree roots. This area of path does not affect the main walkway but does provide access to the rear gardens of some private houses. If we were to replace the path, it has been suggested that the cost may be around £10,000.

“The signs warning of the dangers cost £120. Fife Council is not overly cautious in Health and Safety matters. It is our duty to advise the public of potential risks which is what we have done in this situation.”