Club warning to fans after match taunts

East Fife FC have shown fans the red card over their behaviour, condemning the 'embarrassing' behaviour
East Fife FC have shown fans the red card over their behaviour, condemning the 'embarrassing' behaviour

East Fife have condemned the actions of a small group of fans for “deplorable and embarrassing” behaviour during the club’s weekend game.

Directors branded some of the chants and songs at East Stirling on Saturday as “disgusting, rude and sexist.”

And the club issued an apology to its hosts after a steward, the team’s female physio, and the match officials came under ‘‘unacceptable’’ verbal attack.

The level of abuse directed rowards them it said, would not be tolerated.

The strongly-worded statement, posted on the club’s website, said: “ Our code of conduct states that we will not tolerate such behaviour as does the club anti-discrimination policy which is read out prior to all home games.

“The fans who acted in such a disgusting manner should consider whether they wish to return to Bayview in future as the club cannot be expected to tolerate this behaviour again.”

The Mail’s sports reporter Scott Inglis was just feet away from the group and heard most of the vocal carry-on.

He said: “The majority were aged 17-20 and there were another couple of guys who were in their late 30s or early 40s.

‘‘They weren’t constantly chanting but when they did it was particularly bad and directed at certain individuals including a male security steward and the Shire’s female physio who came on to see to a player on the touchline.

‘‘What they were shouting was offensive and sexist.

‘‘I met an East Fife board member in the tunnel after the game who was totally livid about it.”

Life-long supporter Jean Veitch told the Mail: “I was not alone in being embarrassed to be an East Fife supporter on Saturday. We don`t need this kind of abuse to officials or anyone and hope the board will deal with these people at the home games if this is repeated.

“We don`t wish to discourage young fans from singing and urging on their team but certainly do not wish to hear some of the chants and sexist abuse that were being thrown at people - remember there are not only young kids around but supporters who only want to go and enjoy a game of football. By all means make a bit of noise but concentrate on the team and give them all you vocal support!”

A Police Scotland spokesman said it had not received any reports following the game.