Cluny residents campaign for safer roads through village

Brian McGurn and Dougie Reid from the Cluny Community Group
Brian McGurn and Dougie Reid from the Cluny Community Group
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A number of residents in Cluny are calling for action to be taken following a fatal accident earlier this month.

Cluny Community Group are campaigning for the speed limit to be reduced from 30 mph to a 20 mph zone and other measures to be put in place to make the village safer for both motorists and pedestrians.

Over the past 14 years there have been numerous accidents in the village along the B981 heading towards Cardenden including head on collisions resulting in serious injuries, cars ending up in fields and ditches and even in resident’s gardens.

The latest tragedy, which saw a 36-year old man lose his life, has now sparked calls for action.

Dougie Reid, secretary of the Cluny Community Group said: “The fatal accident at the beginning of the month shows that something needs to be done and soon.’’

“I’ve lived here for many years and have seen a lot of accidents during that time.”

Mr Reid said in some cases drivers didn’t slow down as they approached the village - unless they spotted police patrol cars.

He added: “There have been many driver surveys held to determine what needs to happen regarding road safety, but it seems that whenever the police are here, drivers are more watchful of their speed. ‘‘

Cluny has many turnoffs along its main stretch of road leading towards other properties and vehicles going over the limit cause difficulties for those trying to get onto the main road or pull into their driveways.

Brian McGurn, group’s vice chairman said: “A gating system would be ideal.

‘‘This would mean that vehicles would have to slow down and really reduce the risk of accidents occuring.

“ I live at the end of the road that leads to Cardenden and I’ve had cars crashing into my hedge on more than one occasion, and even one that knocked over the lamp post outside my house.

‘‘I’m watchful of traffic if I’m out on the pavement outside my property.

“Repeat offenders are hitting Cluny at up to 75 mph into a 30 mph zone and can’t slow down in time.

‘‘Changes need to be made before someone else is killed.”

Dougie added: “We just want respect for speed while travelling through the village.”