Coaltown of Balgonie to get Speedwatch Programme

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The Community Speedwatch Programme, which has been a success in Kinglassie, Thornton and Leslie, is to be rolled out in Coaltown of Balgonie.

Concerned residents are working with the police to raise awareness of the speeding problems in their village and are claiming that a speed limit of 20 mph be made mandatory.

The initiative which has targeted speeding drivers has already achieved significant results having seen average speeds being reduced from around 38 to 24 miles per hour in the Kinglassie, Thornton and Leslie communities.

Volunteers work in small groups to record the speed of vehicles who are travelling at over 20 per cent above the speed limit and their details are passed on to the community police, warning letters are sent out to remind drivers about the speed limit and the speed they were travelling.

Glenrothes Councillor Bill Brown, one of the volunteers,said that he felt most people would welcome the opportunity to receive a warning when they have exceeded a speed limit, rather than getting a speeding ticket through the post.

He added: “Over the next few weeks volunteers will be operating again, alongside police and the speed camera vans, to reinforce the message.

“We all need to consider our speed and to think about children and older people that could be put at risk.

“A frightening statistic is that a child hit by a car at 20mph has a five per cent chance of being killed while a child hit at 40mph has an 80 per cent chance of being killed.

“We just need to change our attitude and slow down as speeding only saves one or two minutes on your journey but it could cost a life.”

Community Speed Watch is a partnership between local communities and the Police aimed at tackling excessive speed in built up areas. Fife Safety Camera Partnership and Fife Constabulary are already committed to improving road safety and considerable enforcement activity takes place across the region on a daily basis.