‘Coffin’ up the cash for Mark’s ghoulish sale

Mark Lumsdem received over 1500 enquiries in 24 hrs for the coffins. (Pic George McLuskie).
Mark Lumsdem received over 1500 enquiries in 24 hrs for the coffins. (Pic George McLuskie).

Buyers across the region have been ‘coffin’ up the cash this week, thanks to a very unusal online sale.

When lorry mechanic Mark Lumsden decided to offer a dozen coffins up for grabs on a social media selling site, his expectations of a sale were were pretty low.

In fact he admits, there was a ‘grave’ danger that no ‘body’ would be interested.

Mark was then unprepared for the deluge of enquires and offers that came from buyers across Scotland.

In just 24 hours of putting them up for sale, because they were taking up too much room in his mum’s garage no less, Mark’s phone had not stopped bleeping with over 1500 messages from people looking to buy.

“I put them up for sale mainly because I was getting a bit of stick off my mum as they had been stored at her house for the last 12 months,” Mark told the Fife Free Press.

“I only thought I’d sell two or three but since putting them online the who thing has gone mental.

“I’ve had to switch my mobile off, it’s just not stopped bleeping with messages, I’ve had over 1500 since the weekend.”

Mark admits he could have easily sold a couple of hundred coffins had he had them and joked that he may stock pile the ghoulish items in time for next year’s lead up to Hallowe’en.

The 31-year-old from Lochgelly, who will be familiar to many because of his previous exploits racing an old hearse at Cowdenbeath Racewall, said he’d bought the coffins off a retired funeral director when negotiating a purchase of a hearse for his racing hobby.

No longer racing, Mark continues to turn the heads of fellow motorists as he can often be seen driving the one remaining hearse he owns, complete with coffin, around the local area.

“Never in a million years did I expect this level of interest, but people want them for Hallowe’en parties.

“One lady wanted one to be made into a book case and I sold three to a Dundee tour company who wanted them as props.”

And at just £45 per coffin, one buyer really did get more than they bargained for.

“As they are bigger than people think I offered to deliver and took one to a lady in Methil, however she and the neighbours got a bit of a fright when I rolled up outside her house with the hearse and started off loading the coffin,“ laughed Mark.