Colin Cloud: Kills The Edinburgh Festival Pleasance Above (Venue 33)

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Colin Cloud: Kills The Edinburgh Festival

Pleasance Above (Venue 33)

He can pinpoint where you come from simply by getting you to say ‘hello’ - and he can work out your job by getting you to raise your hands.

But that’s just Colin Cloud warming up.

What he does over the course of an hour defies explanation, and you leave the theatre bamboozled, amazed and perhaps slightly freaked out.

As you enter the room he is already sitting on a stool wearing a blinfold. He doesn’t move at all while the audience files in. Not so much as a twitch.

Is he getting the vibe in the room or is it simply clever stagecraft? He offers no explanation - but it makes for a spooky start and helps to set the scene for a remarkable hour in which he simply blows your mind.

By using a number of folk from the audience, Cloud challenges the cynics and sceptics head on - and leaves his audience stunned and baffled as they try to work out what they just saw.

His show is every bit as good, every bit as mind-blowing and logic defying as Derren Brown’s stunning live shows which packed the Playhouse for a whole week - but with the added bonus you see it up close and personal.

There is so much more to an hour with Colin Cloud than simply identifying home towns and guessing objects while blindfold - unbelievable though these tricks are - but to reveal more, indeed anything, about his stunning finale would be to spoil it for everyone else.

There’s a clue in the title, but that’s about all he gives away.

The rest you have to work out for yourself ... and you’ll simply never be able to figure out how he does what he does.

An incredibly skilled performer, Cloud’s show is a must-see.