College regret over letters

Adam Smith College
Adam Smith College
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STUDENTS at Adam Smith College were left stressed and distraught after being WRONGLY informed they were being booted off their courses.

Last Thursday hundreds of letters were incorrectly sent to students advising them they were being withdrawn from their chosen courses.

But as soon as staff became aware of the error, students were emailed the next day asking them to ignore the letter.

Martin McGuire, interim principal, said an internal review is being carried out to find out how it happened.

One student, who wishes to remain anonymous, contacted the Press about the situation.

He said: “The college sent out hundreds of letters to students telling them they might be getting booted off their courses. They were distraught.

‘‘The letters were sent out incorrectly but the added stress isn’t good, particularly with it coming so close to the end of their academic year and with exams just around the corner.”

Mr McGuire said: “I am extremely disappointed that students have been caused unnecessary stress and upset.

‘‘It is absolutely unacceptable and I would like to assure not just students, but also their parents and the rest of the local community that I am taking this matter very seriously.

‘‘I have initiated an internal review to establish why this error occurred and what measures need to be taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future.”

Ryan Smart, student president, said: “The college has provided assurances that no student will be disadvantaged, or withdrawn from their course without following the appropriate procedure.”

“This has been a stressful time for people.’’