Come along and help us build a boat!

Members of the club in their garage ready to start building the boat
Members of the club in their garage ready to start building the boat

Residents in Kinghorn who would be interested in putting their skills to good use are being invited to help build a boat.

Be it painting, woodwork or even sanding, anyone interested in dipping their oar in with the project is welcome to contribute.

Kinghorn Coastal Rowing Club, which was set up over the summer, recently took delivery of a kit to build a St Ayles skiff, and it is looking for anyone interested in joining the club and rolling up their sleeves to get in touch.

The club currently has around 30 paid up members, and everyone who has expressed an interest has been emailed a survey sheet asking if and how they would like to be involved and what type of skills they could offer.

Chris Mitchell, a committee member, said: “As well as building a boat we want to build up our club. This project will engage people in the process and give them ownership of it. They will get a sense of satisfaction and achievement too.

“When we first started up there was a lot of interest expressed and some of that was from individuals wanting to help to build the boat, so now we are at the stage of getting around to the building process.

The club has a purpose-built garage premises in Kinghorn in which to construct its boat, but to ensure the glue sets properly, it must be warm enough to allow it to do so, so it needs to be heated when the work is underway.

Chris added: “At present we have the minimum number of people to start building our boat, and we are keen to get started so it can be on the water for the summer, which is our ultimate aim.

“We also have enough money for a second boat which we plan to start on when this one is finished, and we have fundraising events planned in the coming year to help us get things up and running with our new boat.

“We sent out copies of the survey form so we can plan ahead, because having too many people at the one time is like too many cooks, and we don’t want that.

“We are keen to get people involved in the process which has many different parts to it.”

Anyone who is interested and has not already been sent a survey form can contact the club secretary Christine Feechan on 07553 404394.