Come on in! The water’s lovely!

Regardless of wind, rain and snow, the place to be New Year’s Day is Kirkcaldy Promenade.

Members of the public are invited along to watch and cheer on over 100 Lang Toun Loonies as they run into the undoubtedly freezing waters of the Forth Estuary to help raise funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The number of dookers has increased from just 15 in 2007 when the Langtoun Loonies started up, to over 100 in 2011, with ages ranging from 10 to 60 years.

Over the years the group, which has members from around Fife, has raised thousands of pounds to help fight cancer.

Ann Belton, organiser, said: “Being diagnosed with cancer at 54 means you stop living life normally as you adjust to the news and hope for a future.

‘‘To be told it’s back after treatment must be terrifying, and my mum was told that many times but bravely fought on until she lost the fight on Sunday March 7, 2010.”

Dook tribute

The 2011 dook will be in memory of, and a tribute to, Anne Mercer McPhail Belton, who was originally from Kirkcaldy and latterly lived in Lochgelly, as well as every man and woman who has been told the devastating news that they have cancer.

Ann added: “Please, if you can and if you care, give to this charity and together we may be able to give our children and grandchildren a life free from this heartbreaking disease.

“I want to say a huge thank you to every Langtoun Loony past and present for going that extra golden mile – past dookers will appreciate the meaning in that as it’s a long walk out to the water when the tide’s out!

‘‘Luckily this time, as in 2007, the tide will be in.”

Taking part

Anyone who wants to show their support can come along at noon on January 1, when there will be a bucket collection.

They can also donate through individual’s sponsor forms or go online and donate to:

Fife Free Press reporter Tanya Scoon and her daughter are taking part in the Loony Dook and would appreciate any donations via the justgiving page.