Comfort Break scheme starts to look desperate

Concerns have been raised over the availability of toilets in the area.
Concerns have been raised over the availability of toilets in the area.

FIFE Council has pledged that anyone looking to ‘spend a penny’ in Levenmouth and the East Neuk will not be faced with keeping their legs crossed in desperation.

Questions were raised last week about the future of the council’s Comfort Break scheme, which pays local businesses to allow their toilets to be used by the public, after three establishments had their contracts terminated.

Businesses are paid between £500 and £2500 a year depending on the facilities provided.

Back in February the council, albeit under the previous ruling administration, accepted budget cuts that included proposals to save £200,000 over three years by closing council-run public toilets providing suitable alternatives were available.

At that time there were 28 Comfort Break partners but that figure has now dropped to 15.

St Monans Community Council raised its concerns recently over the toilet situation in the village, with the restricted opening times of both the public toilet and the Comfort Break partner meaning there was no provision after 3.30pm.

Compared to elsewhere in Fife, the East Neuk in particular appears well covered.

Of the 31 public toilets provided by the council, 13 are in the East Neuk, which also has six of the 15 Comfort Break partners.

There are no Comfort Break partners in Levenmouth and only Leven has a public toilet, at the Promenade.

However, the bus station toilets are also available, and at council facilities such as libraries and local offices.

In a statement regarding questions on the Comfort Break contracts, depute council leader David Ross said: “The provision of public toilet facilities is something we will want to look at again as the new administration draws up budget proposals for future years.”