Commitment remains to rail link campaign

Eugene and Cllr Laird with fellow LMRC members
Eugene and Cllr Laird with fellow LMRC members

Levenmouth Rail Campaign has revealed it has no concerns over Fife Council’s commitment to the cause as it awaits the results of an important feasibility study.

The campaign group has worked closely with the local authority with a view to reinstating the rail link between Thornton and Levenmouth.

And the STAG – the report which will decide whether or not it makes sense to include the reinstatement in Transport Scotland’s works programme –is due in the next few weeks.

However, Fife Council is under a lot of pressure from local residents elsewhere in the Kingdom on other priority transport issues, namely the A92 and Balfarg junction in Glenrothes.

Despite this, Eugene Clarke, chairman of LMRC, has no concerns over the council’s commitment to the line.

He said: “The LMRC fully accepts the need for Fife Council to seek safety improvements on the A92 and does not see any conflict between these and the Levenmouth rail link.

“Our many meetings with councillors have assured us that the rail link remains the first priority for major transport improvements in Fife.

“We are confident that the first draft of the STAG report due imminently will reinforce the case by demonstrating the social, economic and environmental benefits a reinstated Leven rail link will bring not only to Levenmouth but to the wider Fife and Edinburgh community.”

Councillor Lesley Laird, deputy leader of Fife Council, said: “Fife Council has been a strong supporter and advocate for the Levenmouth Rail Link. We have written and raised the issue at various meetings with Scottish Government Ministers.

“Whenever the opportunity has presented itself we have highlighted the strong economic case for re-opening the link. As part of my wider Economic brief, I have personally supported a number of the campaign events and have met on several occasions with the group to ensure that they are getting the support that they need.”

LMRC will hold its AGM tonight (Wednesday) at 6.30pm at the Fife Renewables Innovation Centre.