Community bringing ‘Vic’ back to life

Joanne Kinnear, Bob and Margaret Limerick outside the Victoria Hall.
Joanne Kinnear, Bob and Margaret Limerick outside the Victoria Hall.

A Proud history of serving Coaltown of Balgonie

Residents in Coaltown of Balgonie are about to reap the benefits of the hard work and efforts made by a select band of neigbours.

For their dedication has resulted in an extensive refurbishment of the Victoria Hall.

The seven members that make up the Victoria Hall management committee are delighted with the work to redecorate the main hall and are hoping it will once again become a focal point for the Coaltown community.

Fife Council’s community services team carried out the refurbishment over a three week period in January as part of a community payback initiative.

The costs were met from a combination of funds raised by the hall’s volunteers and from money drawn from a £1500 award received as part of Fife Council’s Towns and Villages Improvement Scheme.

Margaret Limerick is vice chairman of the committee and along with her husband Bob have been involved in promoting the hall for the past six years.

She told the Gazette: “The work has really given the hall a new lease of life which we’re delighted about.

“The hall is a huge asset to the village and is there for all of the community to share and make use of, and we value that,” she added.

The newly decorated hall is the latest in a number of improvements put in place by residents.

In the summer committee members and volunteers carried out landscaping at the side of the hall.

Joanne Kinnear (80), was born in the the village has been involved in supporting the hall for over 30 years.

She said: “The hall IS the community, if we didn’t make the effort we’d have nothing.

“It’s especially encouraging to see school children, youth groups and sports clubs use the facility, after all they represent the future of Coaltown and the future of this hall.”

The gift of CB Balfour, Victoria Hall is recorded by the architect as ‘Queens Hall’ and opened in 1906 at the cost of £3000 to build.

A commemorative panel reads “As a memorial of the glorious reign of Queen Victoria 1837-1901, this hall was built by CB Balfour of Balgonie and Newtondon MP For the benefit of the people of Coaltown of Balgonie 1905”.

With the continued support of volunteers the hall continues to serve the village - to book the hall contact Joanne on (01592) 771653.