Community call to put brakes on speed threat

Police are calling on Glenrothes communities to get involved
Police are calling on Glenrothes communities to get involved

Police are calling on local communities to help slam the brakes on speeding drivers in the region by signing up to their new initiative.

The issue is one of the factors identified by the public that most affects the quality of life in the communities across the Glenrothes area and officers are looking at developing their community speedwatch initiative to help tackle the problem.

The aim is to train up as many community groups as possible to assist community officers in bringing the number of speeding drivers down in their area.

With as little as two hours training, members of the public will be able to collect registration numbers of vehicles identified as exceeding the speed limit so that a letter can sent to the registered owner, informing them their vehicle has been noted to have exceeded the speed limit and asking them to abide by the limit in future.

If the same registration number is logged on a second occasion in a Community Speedwatch area, the owner will receive another letter advising them that, if they continue to disregard the limit, the information will be passed to local police officers, who may take further action.

Kenny Greig, Glenrothes Community Sergeant, said: “Glenrothes Police currently have an effective and strong Speedwatch operating in the area; indeed, a recent deployment saw a number of drivers receiving letters regarding their driving.

“This initiative provides us with valuable eyes and ears in the community and we are very grateful to the members of the group who have already volunteered.

“However, we are always looking for additional members of the public to assist.

“This initiative is essential in increasing road safety and awareness in our communities.“

To find out more about Community Speedwatch in your area, contact Sergeant Kenny Greig at Glenrothes Police Station.