Community campaign finds a united voice

Protestors at the Scottish Water stakeholder meeting
Protestors at the Scottish Water stakeholder meeting

MEMBERS of the community came together last week to form an action group with the aim of getting rid of the Methil Ming.

Around 50 residents and politicians attended the public meeting held on Thursday night in Methil Ex-Servicemen’s Club.

Hosted by Lindsay Roy, the MP praised the community for turning out and welcomed the pledge of the different political parties to work together.

There were some heated moments, with one resident in particular questioning what impact political figures at the meeting, which included MSP David Torrance and councillors David Graham, John O’Brien, Jim Young and Andrew Rodger, could actually have.

However, Mr Roy made it clear he believed the community had to come together, as Scottish Water, whose Levenmouth waste water treatment works is blamed for the stench, would take note of one strong voice.

He added: “The threat of an action group has brought greater dividends in the last few weeks than we have been able to do in the last two years.

“The success of the £100,000 announcement, revealed in last week’s Mail, is due to the pressure being put on Scottish Water by the threat of an action group forming.

“Our objective is to put pressure on them {Scottish Water officials} as we need to get them to move beyond good intentions.”

A number of residents at the meeting voiced their own similar stories of the Ming although one woman, who was not named, seemed to sum up the feeling well.

She said: “It’s a terrible way to live, you should be able to breathe. My kids can’t even go in their own back garden.”

After around an hour of discussion the meeting moved on to officially forming the action group.

Pete Meldrum was voted in as chair with, a vice-chair, secretary treasurer and committee members appointed.

One of the group’s first decisions is set to be what to call itself. It was agreed using the term ‘Ming’ was negative on Methil and would affect people’s perception of the town.

Meanwhile another stakeholders’ meeting is being held tomorrow at the treatment works. It is hoped the action group will be representend.