Community chief not ‘surprised’ at bankruptcy figures

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A COMMUNITY leader admits he isn’t surprised at Glenrothes being branded Britain’s ‘most bankrupt town’, reports MIKE DELANEY.

David Nelson claimed personal insolvency was the only realistic option for many people in the area.

The Auchmuty and Dovecot Tenants and Residents Association chairman said he had noticed a rise in the number of those seeking help through its Community Flat over the past year.

And he believes the situation will get worse as council and government cuts bite.

Mr Nelson was commenting after a report by the credit information company, Experia, found cases of insolvency rose by a fifth between 2009-10, the last year for which figures are available.

That translated into 75 bankrupt people for every 10,000 households in the area.

He said: “We are getting lots of people coming to us and we are sending them up to the advice services.

“This area of the town, in particular, has had a very high number of bankruptcies over the last year.”