Community council in closed session

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AN EAST Neuk community council has held a pair of closed meetings as it aims to resolve a “misunderstanding”.

Concerns were expressed by community council members for the Royal Burgh of Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke, after the group staged an event earlier this year.

The community council was advised by Fife Council that it could hold private talks on the matter, while a brief minute of the discussions should be produced.

It was thought the concerns related to allegations of financial irregularity.

However, secretary Martin Dibley said two closed meetings had been held and the matter was well on the way to being cleared up.

“There were concerns raised by some members about a recent event put on by the community council but, at this moment, it all appears to be sorted out,” he told the Mail.

Mr Dibley said there was no likelihood of any police action on the matter – there had been “a certain amount of misunderstanding” but “there are no problems”.

Local councillor, Elizabeth Riches, said decisions on closed meetings were not taken lightly – only on advice from Fife Council.

“There were misunderstandings that needed to be sorted out and I believe the community council will do its utmost to make sure they are sorted out,” she added.