Community policing cuts low level crime

A return to community policing has contributed to a fall in low level crime such as shoplifting.
A return to community policing has contributed to a fall in low level crime such as shoplifting.
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A REDUCTION in the amount of low level crime in Levenmouth has been put down to a deliberate return to local, community policing.

In a report presented to area councillors, Chief Inspector Graeme Kinmond revealed that offences such as dishonesty, vandalism and malicious mischief have fallen over the past year.

For the reporting period of April 1 to July 31, group three crimes of dishonesty dropped by 98 offences from last year (468 against 566) while group four crimes of vandalism and malicious mischief had also tumbled.

Recorded anti-social behaviour offences fell with 113 fewer set against the same period last year (394 against 507).

Chief Inspector Kinmond told councillors at their monthly meeting, held at Buckhaven Community Centre, the reductions were down to police officers having more of a public presence in their communities again.

He said: “It’s all to do with local level policing; they’re called community police officers for a reason and I’ve now got them doing their day job all the time.

“If two people have maybe been involved in a drug related knife crime then it will effect mainly those two only, while shoplifting or vandalism you could argue effect the whole community a lot more.

“Before, officers were maybe involved in investigations for weeks on end, where now they’re focusing on these group three and four crimes.”

The police figures were roundly welcomed by councillors who encouraged the local force to continue to target those who were still continuing to be involved in crime in Levenmouth.

Councillor Andrew Rodger said: “I really hope that we continue to make in-roads into things like shoplifting.

“It’s hard enough for shopkeepers to make a living without people robbing their shop.

“We also need to alert taxi drivers to this kind of crime because that’s the first place they go.”