Community spirit set to revive child’s play

Community Councillor, Peter Scobie at one of the play parks due for renewal
Community Councillor, Peter Scobie at one of the play parks due for renewal
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Members of the Pitteuchar, Stenton and Finglassie Community Council are calling upon local residents to help with their plans to overhaul the dilapidated play areas reports NEIL HENDERSON.

Three play parks have been initially earmarked for renewal as part of a community-wide plan and committee members are hopeful of including local children and parents to volunteer their help.

The three for which will get immediate attention are: Altyre Avenue, Pitteuchar, Urquart Green, Stenton and a new site to replace the rundown area in Finglassie Park.

A public meeting has now been arranged for 11am on Saturday, April, 7 at the Jubilee Centre, in the Glamis Centre and community councillors are keen to get as many local residents attending and involved in the project.

Chair of the Community Council, Peter Scobie told the Gazette: “We’re holding the meeting on a Saturday morning so that people who would otherwise be working can attend.

“We really want to engage with local parents and children in what we hope will be a real community effort to do some good for the area that we live in.

“The meeting will form part of a consultation period that we will carry out with local residents so we can take on board ideas and suggestions, as well as any concerns from those families living in the immediate areas.

“We’ve decided to call the project ‘Play4all’ and the plan is to integrate a range of amenities that will appeal to the whole community, whether a toddler or a pensioner.”

“We plan to have the usual swings and slides but also fitness and mobility attractions that are popular these days.”

Peter is also hopeful of including local schools in the project and the fund-raising and has already enlisted the help of local Scouts.

He continued: “We obviously have to raise a lot of the funding ourselves and we have a number of options that we hope to discuss at the Saturday meeting in April.

“Fife Council have also been approached and several councillors have shown a keen interest, an added to that we have plans to apply for lottery funding which if successful would vastly improve our chances of the project being a success.

Peter and his fellow community officials have also enlisted the support of Fife Police.

Community Officer, Craig Simpson told the Gazette: “As the Community Police Officer for Pitteuchar, Stenton and Finglassie I have been working with the Community Council a great deal especially in relation to the Play Park Initiative.

“I believe that this initiative is of benefit to the local community and will provide up-to-date facilities for the community to make use of.”

Councillor Ross Vettraino is also backing the move and said: “I fully support the efforts and myself and the council would be pleased to help advise with the various aspects of funding that would be available for such a good cause.”