Community sports hub plan for Cupar

Cupar councillor Margaret Kennedy at a dog bin.
Cupar councillor Margaret Kennedy at a dog bin.

CUPAR is one of five areas in Fife to be at the centre of ambitious plans to create ‘community hubs’ to promote and develop local sporting activities.

The proposal is the result of an initiative by Sport Scotland which aims to encourage sports clubs to come together for mutual benefit.

Although there is no direct funding for groups, nor does the plan entail any capital spending for building projects, the intention is that the ‘hub’ would enable more groups to work together and share skills.

Across the country, many communites have already formed sports hubs and now five groups in Fife have confirmed they are interested in taking the idea further.

Following initial talks with Fife Council’s sports development department, the Cupar sports hub would initially involve the groups in the Duffus Park partnership as well as Elmwood College, Bell Baxter High School and the East Fife Sports Council, as well as other sports groups in the town they are interested.

Cupar councillor Margaret Kennedy – who chairs the Duffus Park Partnership – said the new set-up could further promote the development of sport in the town.

“We have some great sports clubs like Howe of Fife rugby club and the Soccer Sevens which are doing really well at developing the talents of their young people and this could give us the opportunity to develop things further,” she said.

“However, there is no funding and the network idea is very much volunteer-led so it would depend on whether clubs are willing to take it on.

“I appreciate that people are already very busy so this would be something we need to think about very carefully.”

Councillor Kennedy said it was also important to make a clear distinction between the community hub idea and plans the rugby club has for a new clubhouse and facilities in Duffus Park.

“I am 100 per cent behind what the Howe wants to achieve; they are thinking of sports development and opportunities for the club in the future,” she said.

“The community hub plan can work alongside this to build a resilience in the current economic climate by helping clubs share their resources and knowledge.”