Complaint lodged after councillors ‘refused’ to answer pool questions

A KIRKCALDY campaign group has lodged a formal complaint against two local councillors.

Members of the Save the Car Park group have lodged an official grievance with Fife Council against town councillors George Kay and Susan Leslie over their responses to questions asked about the Tolbooth Street location for the new £15m pool.

The group - which includes local businessmen Chic Stenhouse, Yosof Ewing and Alistair Cameron - claims the duo have ‘refused’ to answer questions surrounding the decision to close the car park to make way for the leisure facility - and claim their replies were ‘‘less than courteous.’’.

A campaign spokesman said: “We asked some very straightforward questions of the councillors who voted for the new leisure pool.

“The two councillors are elected officials and public servants and as such have a duty of care to their constituents.

“When faced with reasonable and polite questions we would expect to be treated fairly. The councillors’ actions fell way short of these expectations and therefore we have issued a complaint against them.”

The group, which also briefed town MP Gordon Brown on the issue at the weekend, also challenged the two councillors to stand with them on Kirkcaldy High Street so they can demonstrate the strength of public opposition to the location.

Councillor George Kay said: “I met with Chic Stenhouse last week and we chose to disagree on the matter of the provision of leisure facilities for the people of Kirkcaldy.

“Mr Stenhouse has his agenda, and I have mine which is quite different.

‘‘My agenda is to deliver the very best leisure facilities which can be afforded to the people of Kirkcaldy. I will be continuing with my agenda. I have no intention of watering it down to accommodate Mr Stenhouse.

“The people of Kirkcaldy want this project to go ahead as quickly as possible.”

Councillor Susan Leslie said: “I have answered their questions.”

Iain Grant, Fife Council senior manager (Standards & Governance), said: “All complaints we receive are investigated and actions taken where necessary. It would be inappropriate to comment further.’’