Concern over litter at Kirkcaldy park

Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy
Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy

Concerns have been raised over the amount of litter being dropped in Kirkcaldy’s Beveridge Park.

One local resident and a regular user of the park contacted The Press in the hope that members of the public can be encouraged to stop dropping their rubbish on the ground.

She said: “The litter and rubbish that’s being left in Beveridge Park is a disgrace.

“I go into the park with the dog first thing in the morning and the mess is horrendous.

“There’s litter, bottles and everything lying everywhere.

“The men employed to look after that park do a marvellous job, but members of the public are making it harder for them.

“It makes it difficult for people in wheelchairs. Because of the litter lying around they have to avoid and it’s harder for people who are walking with aids.

“It’s dreadful.

“People need to put their litter in the bin and not just drop it in the park.”