Concern simmers as hot meals off menu

Residents and councillor Tim Brett at Granary Lane sheltered housing in Newport on Tay.
Residents and councillor Tim Brett at Granary Lane sheltered housing in Newport on Tay.

Concerns have been raised about the lack of hot meals being provided at lunchtime to residents of the Granary Lane Complex of Very Sheltered Housing in Newport.

Taybridghead’s Councillor Tim Brett explained that, for the last four years, residents at Granary Lane have been provided with a hot lunch, which has come to the complex from the nearby Leng Day Centre.

He said: “This has been very much appreciated by the residents.

“Unfortunately, the cook at the Leng left her position in June and, while I understand a replacement cook has been appointed, because that individual is currently working in a residential home for the Council in another part of Fife, they have not been allowed to take up their new post.

“Separate arrangements have been made to provide lunches to the Leng but not to Granary Lane residents.”

Cllr Brett added: “It is now over three months that the residents have not been getting a hot lunch. I do not know, despite a number of requests, why it is taking so long for this to be resolved.

“As you would expect, this is causing no little annoyance and frustration to the residents of Granary Lane, who are no longer getting this service.

“Alternative, ad hoc arrangements have been made for sandwiches and soup to be provided for the residents, but they are keen that the previous service should be restarted as soon as possible.”

John Mills, senior manager in Fife Council’s housing access and support service, explained all 25 tenants at Granary Lane have their own kitchen within their flat. Some residents who are unable to prepare meals have home care in place, while nine other residents chose to receive a hot meal at lunchtime.

Mr Mills said: “Although we’re not required to provide hot meals within sheltered housing complexes, meals were provided to nine of the 25 tenants who requested them by the nearby Leng Day Centre.

“The cook at Leng retired a few months ago and they are currently making arrangements for a new one to start as soon as possible.

“Until the new cook starts, we offered Meals on Wheels to the tenants that had their lunch at the complex, but they refused.

Mr Mills added: “If tenants are interested in receiving Meals on Wheels, I would ask them to get in touch with the Sheltered Housing Officer, who will be happy to make these arrangements.”