Concerns aired over Dogs Act

MSP Roderick Campbell
MSP Roderick Campbell

RODERICK Campbell, MSP for North East Fife, has defended the Scottish Government over the strength of the Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010.

Mr Campbell said he was aware that North East Fife constituents are concerned about dogs, and irresponsible owners and raised a question in Parliament asking if the Act was strong enough to ensure responsible dog ownership.

Mr Campbell was told that all parties supported the implementation of the Bill in the last Parliament, and that 1000 investigations had taken place, resulting in 92 dog control notices issued to “irresponsible dog owners”.

Of the response Mr Campbell said: “I firmly believe that the Scottish Government is doing all in its powers to ensure that people act sensibly when they own a dog.

“But I am pleased that the Government will continue to monitor the situation.

“Ultimately, of course, dogs are the responsibility of their owners.”