Concerns over campervans using Fife car park

A Kingsbarns resident has called for action to be taken to curb the increasing number of tourists staying overnight at a local car park.

Friday, 22nd June 2018, 1:36 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd June 2018, 2:38 pm
Kingsbarns beach

Janine Johnson claims an increasing number of campervans and caravans are staying at the car park next to the beach, and that the problem appears to be getting worse.

Fife Coast and Countryside Trust (FCCT) say the car park, which is leased to Fife Council, has no restrictions on parking, even if that is overnight, but that the number of campervans and caravans staying overnight is a challenge.

“The car park has gotten busier over the last year, and that’s a nice thing,” Janine told the Citizen.

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“It’s good that visitors are coming along to enjoy the beach.

“But we are beginning to have an issue with campervans and caravans.

“I got really concerned when I was told that some of them were staying for a week and using it as a holiday base.”

Janine also expressed concern about the large vehicles travelling up and down Back Stile, the small road leading down to the car park.

“The road was not designed for that activity,” she said. “What has to happen before people take this seriously?”

Robbie Blyth, coastal team leader at FCCT, said larger vehicles using car parks like that at Kingsbarns was not just an issue in Fife.

He told the Citizen: “Most at Kingsbarns have foreign plates, and it’s good that they want to come to Fife.

“The challenge is that the car parks are designed for daily use. They don’t have the infrastructure for campervans.

“Most of our car parks don’t have by-laws, including Kingsbarns. There’s no restrictions on people staying.,You can’t move people on for staying overnight.

“It’s good that people want to come – our challenge is how do we accommodate this?”

He also urged tourists using campervans and caravans planning to stay at the car park to “consider alternative venues”.

Janine has the support of North East Fife MSP Willie Rennie.

He said: “It is important that inappropriate use of this great beauty spot does not get out of control. I am contacting the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust to see what can be done.

“There is a shortage of suitable camping and campervans parks in the area which is something that needs to be addressed if we are to manage this situation and ensure that north east Fife continues to benefit from the huge demand from visitors.”