Concerns over housing in Kennoway

Cllr David Alexander
Cllr David Alexander
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A local councillor has raised questions over plans for new housing on the site of the former Kennoway Primary School.

Councillor David Alexander attended the recent public consultation event which offered locals a chance to view the plans, which include 24 new affordable homes on the south of the site.

Kennoway deserves the full number

Cllr David Alexander

However, Cllr Alexander claims the plan is “a lost opportunity” and said the number of homes on the site could be potentially be 59, double the planned figure. He has urged the council to review its plans.

He said: “I have heard two different reasons for not providing the full amount. At the display I was told it was financial, but that is not the case. New houses are built with money borrowed under the prudential code. That dictates the amount of money councils can borrow. Fife has enough scope to borrow the additional £5 million or so to construct these houses.”

Cllr Alexander said he had been told there might not be the demand for up to 59 houses, but told the Mail “there would be no shortage of applicants”, adding: “Kennoway deserves the full number. I can’t remember when the last council houses were built. There is undoubtedly a local demand.”

Cllr Judy Hamilton, executive spokesman for housing and building services, said the mix had been considered appropriate and proportionate to the area’s housing needs but, if these homes stimulated greater demand, the site may be revisited in further phases. Kennoway had to be considered alongside proposed council homes developments in the wider Levenmouth area, she added.

The Council is acknowledging that the local demand for larger family homes is apparent and we need to react positively to that,” she added. “Housing services will review the mix for later phases of its new build programme to ensure more family homes are built.

“This proposal is still at feasibility stage. A SUDs pond on this site would be unlikely to contain much water. However, if this progresses to a detailed design stage, safety concerns about it would be addressed at that point.

Cllr Hamilton added: “The Council’s commitment to building 2700 new homes by May 2017 is fully funded – there is no financial shortfall to restrict new homes. The proposal for Kennoway could be treated as a first phase development, which is not unusual as part of the Affordable Housing Programme as seen in other parts of Fife.”